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Seminar: “The psychology of normativity”

Marco Brigaglia (Palermo) will introduce a speculative account of the psychology of normative decision-making.

In this seminar, I will introduce a speculative account of the psychology of normative decision-making, that I call the ‘normative control hypothesis.’ By ‘control’ I mean what cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists call ‘cognitive control’, that is, the ability to flexibly regulate behavior, cognition and emotion in the service of current goals, overcoming more automatic responses. Control may range from less structured to more structured modalities, with less structured ones featuring a kind of rudimentary, poor-developed form of normativity, if any. More complex forms of normativity, that approximate our prototypes of normative thinking and decision-making, are instead enabled, I will suggest, by a higher-order modality of control, crucially involving processes of intrapersonal and interpersonal ‘metacontrol’, i.e. control applied to control. The peculiar workings of normative control, I will claim, might help in explaining part at least of the apparent irreducibility of normative phenomena to psychological mechanisms, analyzable in non-normative terms.

The event takes place online Monday, 21 February 2022 at 17h/5pm CET. Please register HERE.

This seminar is organised jointly with the RECOGNISE project.

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