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Seminar: “agency, responsibility, and liability”

In this seminar, Antonia Waltermann and Jaap Hage (both Maastricht University) address the question whether artificially intelligent agents (AIAs) can be agents in the legal sense, whether they can be responsible for their actions, and whether they can be liable for the consequences thereof. Instead of presenting a traditional legal argument, however, the emphasis is on the fundamental issue why these questions about AIAs should be raised at all. Their claim is that there is no special reason to ask these questions, at least no reason that does not also apply to human agents. The reason for this has to do with what justifies ascriptions of agency, responsibility, and liability to any entity, human or not. Accordingly, the practice of agency and its possible justifications are the focus of the talk.

The event takes place online Tuesday, 24 May at 2pm CEST. Please register HERE.

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