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LACS works with clusters of connected, overarching topics, to allow researchers to more easily connect with others working on similar themes. Below, you can find an overview of the current clusters.

Criminal Law & Justice

This Cluster aims to explore the theoretical and practical relevance of the cognitive sciences for the criminal law and justice system.

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Legal Reasoning

The goal of this Cluster is to consider the influence of the findings of the cognitive sciences on the understanding and conceptualization of legal reasoning.

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AI & Neurotechnology

The cluster on AI & Neurotechnology (AIN) investigates the impact of technology on moral and legal responsibility and accountability.

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(Moral and Legal) Agency & Responsibility

This cluster focuses on moral and legal agency and responsibility of both human and non-human entities.

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Evidence & Procedure

This cluster revolves around the questions at the intersection of the cognitive sciences and the law of evidence and legal procedure.

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Legal Ontology

This cluster focuses on the cognitive mechanisms that make possible the belief that legal institutions exist and that institutional facts are real, objective facts.

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