April 5-6: Conference on Law, Science and Rationality

April 5, 2018 - April 6, 2018 All day

We are delighted to look back on two highly interesting days.
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Much of the law is based on the idea of legal subjects as rational and free agents. These fundamental assumptions are increasingly called into question by insights from behavioral, cognitive and neurosciences. What, if anything, do these challenges mean for law?

Theme and topics
This conference seeks to address, amongst others, the following topics:
• The (ir)relevance of free will for law
• The conceptual foundations of rationality in law
• The normative and psychological basis of legal responsibility
• Challenges of behavioural, cognitive and neurosciences for legal responsibility
• Legal and scientific perspectives on mental capacities and states (such as intention)
• Rationality in legal decision-making in the light of behavioural, cognitive and neurosciences
• Philosophy of law in the context of behavioural, cognitive and neurosciences

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Keynote speakers
The confirmed keynote speakers were Maureen Sie (Tilburg University, NL) and Nicole Vincent (Macquarie University and Charles Sturt University, Australia).