International workshop Neurometaethics and the Law: Contemporary Perspectives on Emotivism

December 10, 2018 15:00 - December 11, 2018 13:00
Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy
Address: Aula della Meridiana Via Balbi, 5, 16126 Genoa

The Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy is pleased to announce the International Workshop:

Neurometaethics and the Law:  Contemporary Perspectives on Emotivism 

The Workshop will take place at  Aula della Meridiana Via Balbi, 5, 16126 Genoa on December 10 (15,00 – 19,00 hrs.) and December 11 (9,00 – 13,00 hrs.), 2018


Di Pellegrino (Università di Bologna)
Muffato (Università di Trieste)
Prinz (The Graduate Center, City University of New York) M. Ridge (University of Edinburgh)
M. Ridge (University of Edinburgh)


M. Brigaglia
B. Celano
P. Chiassoni
G.B. Ratti
M.C. Redondo


The Workshop purports to assess the impact of cognitive science and the neurosciences on metaethics. Specifically, it is meant as an occasion for discussing about the prospects for a  contemporary, revisited, and suitably amended form of emotivism (or expressivism), and  its implications for legal theory.

Further announcements will follow